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Men and Vineyards since 1850

It’s hard for someone with a technical background like mine to reveal all the poetry and love that lies behind what I’m going to describe to you. Perhaps I’m better at showing these things through my wines than with words. But then, I certainly wouldn’t want to hand the job over to others just to make better literature. So please understand that my feelings truly flow from my heart and that my real means of self-expression is my winemaking.

My family has lived in Canelli since at least as far back as the late 17th century. A certain Ignazio Giovine was reported to own a cart and oxen back in 1653. One hundred years later, my ancestors were the proud owners of a few vineyards on the hills surrounding the Sant'Antonio hamlet in Canelli, an area historically renowned for producing the best Moscato d'Asti. From 1850 on, the family started to make wine from their own grapes. We sold it mostly in Italy and, thanks to Piedmontese emigrants in Latin America, in Brazil and Argentina too. Over the years the farm gradually developed its wine business, partly producing the grapes in the family vineyards, partly buying them. That’s how I still found things in 1988, at the end of my long training in oenology in Alba.

A couple of years had passed since my father, Giuseppe Giovine, had persuaded me to return to a more agriculture-oriented way of life when, on May 8th 1988, I set up my own brand new vine-growing business. At first I based myself on the ancient family vineyards and I drew upon my ancestors’ extensive winemaking expertise to create my winery: L'armangia.

In Piedmontese dialect, L'armangia means “turning the tables”. For my family and myself it was essential to bring the name of Canelli back to the same level of renown as the other famous wine cities, freeing it from the industrial look it had developed in the past few decades.

During the next few years we bought more land, devised new approaches, worked in both the vineyards and the winery, experimented, adjusted our techniques and tried again. In 1993, we felt we were ready to release our first two wines – two whites, our Pratorotondo Chardonnay and EnnEEnnE Sauvignon Blanc. Two years later, we launched our Barbera d'Asti Superiore Titon and Moscato d'Asti; in 1999, Barbera d'Asti Vignali and Sopra Berruti.

My wife Giuliana and I directly manage over 10 hectares under vines in the municipalities of Canelli, Moasca, San Marzano Oliveto and Castel Boglione, with the help of our historical associates, Vangel and Dusko. We warmly welcome our friends and customers who visit our tasting room, and it is our pleasure to take them on a tour of our vineyards and winery. Together, we promote our wines in Italy and abroad, and assist our existing customer base. In my role as oenologist and winemaker, I personally take care of the winery and of the vineyards. We do not hire winemaking consultants – I want to impart to my wines the exact personality I have imagined for them.