Monferrato doc Rosso Pacifico
This wine is intended as a remake of an old grape blend called "San Marzano."
Pacifico was the nickname of the previous owner of these old vines, who, as the name suggests, was used to livening up local celebrations playing his violin.

The grapes come from different vineyards in our estate, mostly having a South-East exposure.
The average altitude is around 200 m. asl, while the hillside has a 5-10% gradient.
The soil is markedly alkaline, poor in organic substances, draining and mixed with abundant tufa flakes.
These vineyards are planted with Nebbiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Freisa and Barbera, the proportion of grapes from the various cultivars can vary every year, depending on the characteristics of the grapes at the time of harvest, in an effort to keep the sensory profile and quality of the product constant.

Harvest and winemaking

The beginning of harvest can fall between Sept. 10th and Oct. 8th, based upon the weather pattern of the season.
Traditional vinification in steel and oak vats is immediately followed by the first racking and by the the storage of 100% of the product in oak casks having a capacity of 300 or 2,000 litres each. A second racking is performed between November and February, based upon the wine's evolution, while the third takes place in late July, the following year. Cabernet Sauvignon Barbera and Merlot are mostly aged in small barrels, whereas all the rest is stored in large casks.

Tasting Notes

The wine can last from 8 to 12 years, depending on the vintage and proportionally to alcohol, extract, colour and acidity.
Crimson red changing to garnet red after 5/6 years of ageing. Bouquet of dark currants, violet, with liquorice hues. Complex with a good structure. It displays good tannins and a remarkable balance. It pairs well with lamb, game, red and grilled meat.
Serving temperature: 18-20°C.
Total alcohol: 13.5-14.5% vol.