Piemonte doc Albarossa Macchiaferro
The Albarossa grape variety was created by Professor Dalmasso in 1938 and never put into production. It's an old cross between Nebbiolo di Dronero – or Chatus – and Barbera.
Ten years ago, we decided to plant this variety. We were pleasantly surprised by this wine, which has a deep red color (hence the name "iron tinter") and an explosive fruit on the nose.

The Albarossa grapes come from our own vineyards, located at an elevation of 250 m asl. The hillside, a 10% slope, has a North-East exposure. The soil is markedly alkaline, poor in organic substances. The site is characterized by a wide temperature range, while the surrounding skyline ensures long exposure to sunlight, causing early ripening.
The grapes obtained from this vineyard are rich in polyphenols, sugar, acidity and fruit flavours.

Harvest & winemaking

The beginning of harvest can fall between Sept. 20th and 10th, based upon the weather pattern of the season.
Traditional vinification in steel and oak vats is immediately followed by the storage of the product in oak casks having a capacity of 2,000 litres each, for a 14 months period..

Tasting Notes

The wine can last from between 5-6 to 8-9 years, depending on the vintage and proportionally to alcohol, colour and acidity.
Deep Ruby red with purple tones changing to garnet red after a few years of ageing.

The bouquet is remindful of stone-fruit, strawberries, plum and almonds. Tasty and full-bodied, occasionally crisp, it is tannic in its juvenile stage. When young, it harmonizes with red and grilled meat; later, with game, roast and cheeses.
Serving temperature: 17-19°C.
Total alcohol: 13.8-14.5% vol