Piemonte doc Pinot Nero Dall'Alto

The grapes come from vineyards located at around 350 m a.s.l. with a West-North by West exposure. The slope has an average slant of 10%. The soil, which is highly alkaline, with alternating strata of tuff and clay is rich in limestone splinters.

Harvest & winemaking

Depending on the season's weather pattern, harvest usually begins between September 2th and 12th.
Traditional vinification in steel vats is immediately followed by the first racking and by the the storage of 100% of the product in oak casks having a capacity of 225 or 300 litres each. A second racking is performed between November and February, based upon the wine's evolution, while the third takes place in late May/June.

Tasting Notes

Ruby red with light garnet tinges.
Nose: Intense stone fruit (mostly cherries), red berries, mint, moss and vanilla .
Tasty and harmonic. Enjoyable tannins softening with ageing.
Best with red and grilled meat, an ideal match for many dishes, from appetizers to main courses.
Serving temperature: 18-19° C.
Total alcohol: 13,3 - 14.2% by vol